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Sparda bank trier treveris

sparda bank trier treveris

oppida of the Titelberg, Wallendorf, Kastel, Otzenhausen and the Martberg. Along with the neighbouring Remi, the Treveri can be credited with a significant innovation in Roman technology : the vallus, a machine drawn by horses or mules to reap wheat. Waldman, Carl; Mason, Catherine (2006). The Treveri adapted readily to Roman civilization, adopting certain Mediterranean practices in cuisine, clothing, and decorative arts starting as early as the Roman occupation of the Titelberg in 30 BCE. The Treveri suffered from their proximity to the Rhine frontier during the Crisis of the Third Century. They probably emerged from the Gallic Wars with the status of a free civitas exempt from tribute. 6 The presence of hall villas of the same type as found in indisputably Germanic territory in northern Germany, alongside Celtic types of villas, corroborates the idea that they had both Celtic and Germanic affinities. 41 A large open space in the central square of the Titelberg which would have been used for public meetings of a religious or political nature during the 1st century BCE. Originally the oppida of the Titelberg, Wallendorf, Kastel, Otzenhausen and the Martberg were roughly equal in significance; however, sometime between 100 and 80 BCE, the Titelberg experienced an upsurge of growth which made it "the central oppidum of the Treveri". 61 62 Among the deities unique to the Treveri were Intarabus, Ritona, Inciona and Veraudunus, and the Xulsigiae.

sparda bank trier treveris

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The vallus is known from funerary reliefs and literary descriptions. Emporia, Kansas, USA: Emporia State University. AE 1929:174 is one example. As early as 21 transport in berlin app CE, according to Greg Woolf, "the Treveri and the Aedui were arguably those tribes which had undergone the greatest cultural change since the conquest". Retrieved 21 November 2007. Unsere, folge Tiendeo, teile diesen Katalog, angebote gespeichert! The, treveri or, treviri were a, belgic tribe who inhabited the lower valley of the.