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Cologne cathedral timings

cologne cathedral timings

Cathedral is open to individual visitors without restrictions whenever services are not being held. It depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus and is the oldest representation of the Madonna in the cathedral. You are cordially invited to attend any of our Masses, devotions, choir performances, and organ recitals. The individual tours will be scheduled during the time periods re-served for tours.

cologne cathedral timings

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You can find the opening time per month at their web site. Miraculously, the cathedral was the only building that survived. There are eight bells, including the. It was named after its commissioner, Gero (Archbishop of Cologne and is unique in that the figure appears to be the first Western depiction of the crucified Christ on the Cross. The origins of the cathedral date back to 1248, when its stone foundation was first laid. After almost 300 years of construction, building was halted in the 16th century, leaving the cathedral unfinished until the project was revived in 1840. Since its completion in 1880, the cathedral has withstood heavy bombing that caused extensive damage during World War. Composed of more than 11,000 identically sized glass pieces, it offers the modern interpretation of a stained glass window.